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Planetside 2


"A massively multiplayer online first person shooter, Planetside 2 is free to play and the second installment of the Planetside series."

Planetside 2 Specifications

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Planetside 2 Review

If you like FPS and massive multiplayer online games, then you should definitely give Planetside 2 a try. Planetside 2 is a free to play massively multiplayer online first person shooter that was published by Sony Online Entertainment. This game is a remake of Planetside which released way back in 2003. This is the second installment of the game and uses a new game engine while also supporting thousands of players in a never ending large scale conflict.

Released back in November of 2012, Planetside 2 is still one of the most popular free to play games available today. A reimagined version of the original Planetside, Planetside 2 is a faster paced game that has a territory system that differed substantially from the original. This game features territory control in an open world conflict of up to 2000 players on each continent on foot or using land or air vehicles. This second release of the game is also much more balanced than the original, making the game have closer calls and more intense battles.

Just like most first person shooters, you can expect typical features like sprinting, iron sights, and regenerating shields as made popular by other popular game franchises. Planetside 2 is essentially a modernized, more efficient version of the original with a lot more features and more depth. Also, of course, it also has an updated graphics engine than the original considering it is made nine years prior. The graphics are definitely exceptional in Planetside 2 which you will only be able to fully take advantage of with a PC with a good amount of power.

There are six unique player classes in Planetside 2. EAch class have their own specific weapons that are only available to them and not the others. You also get upgrades and abilities that can be acquired using in game certification points. You also earn achievements in the game, such as ribbons and medals which reward additional certifications.

Having a science fiction story and background, for fans of that type of genre the story of Planetside 2 may be especially appealing for you. Planetside 2 is definitely one of the most extensive massive multiplayer online games being a first person shooter. There are no other games from it's genre that gives you such an in depth and detailed multiplayer experience which makes it one of a kind and worth trying out.


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Planetside 2 Tutorials and Guides

Planetside 2 Tutorial

Planetside 2 Tutorial

What are the differences between the factions and how should you even get started in this game?

Planetside 2 is one of the more unique online shooters out there, but it can be hard for newcomers to know what each faction's differences are or how best to proceed. Hopefully, this guide can help you. The Factions:

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