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"A horror game where you fish up some addicting fishes for customers who can't get enough."

Pleonexia Specifications

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Pleonexia Review

Low-budget indie games tend to be some of the most creative around, assuming they aren't just flipping assets poorly in Unity. Without the budget to dazzle the audience with beautiful graphics, they instead need to focus on something else to stand out. These restrictions can lead to some very creative premises. Let's look at Pleonexia.

To install Pleonexia, simply unzip the files inside the archive into any folder you want.

The premise is immediately offsetting and strange enough to set your hair on its ends. You play as a fisherman in a village who sells fish to the villagers. Right off the bat, everybody you meet can't stop talking about your fish. People are willing to skip their job to get one of your fish. And your fish costs 1000 dollars to purchase. And if you don't give them their fish, they get angry and...bad things start happening.

The pixel art makes everything creepier. The pixel art makes many characters appear like ghosts, with hollowed out eyes and pure white skin. This, coupled with their endless obsession with your fish, makes it feel like they will snap at any second.

The gameplay loop is simple. When the bell rings, it means you have a customer. Go to the front and give them fish. If your ignore them, they'll get mad. To get more fish, you have to go fishing out back, which takes time and isn't a guaranteed success. Then, on the side, there is a whole sidequest where you start discovering why the fish is just so addictive.

All in all, Pleonexia is an incredibly unique game that everybody should check out.


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