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Powder Toy


"An educational game where you drop powder and inevitably destroy it all."

Powder Toy Specifications

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Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Powder Toy Review

Games have steadily become more and more acceptable, to the point where educational games are starting to become an accepted part of school curriculum. After all, what's more likeable to a kid - formulas written on a whiteboard or an interactive game where you can physically see how different elements interact with each other. Powder Toy is the best example of this.

To install Powder Toy, simply unzip the executable from the archive and run the executable.

Let's get something out of the way - kids love blowing things up, and kids love games. Instead of discouraging that, why not just have them play something that has both those things but is educational at the same time? This game lets you create a powder of various elements and drop them into the world. This powder has many of the same properties its real life counterpart has. 

When ice meets fire, it will melt into water before dousing the flamesMercury falls faster than snow. Water will solidify manga, thunder will electrify metal, and the virus will eat through everything before turning back into the first material it ate. Finding these unique interactions is what the game is all about, and if kids get bored, they can always spawn in some C4 and blow up everything around.

Coupled with unique maps that alter how the powder flows, there's plenty to like here. Power Toy is a fantastic game that is just plain old fun to play. If any of that sounds interesting, you should give it a download.


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