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"A funny and silly zero gravity massive multiplayer fighting game"

PUNCHMEN Specifications

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166.04 MB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Very Good!
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303rd out of 494


PUNCHMEN alpha demo is an incredibly silly but hugely enjoyable multiplayer online fighting game where you play in a zero gravity environment which leads to lots of chaotic rag doll fun, it’s very difficult to aim which only adds to the fun and makes the game a little more about luck than actual skill although with some practice and learning which are the right weapons to pick up you can put yourself at an advantage and speaking of weapons there is an array of them to choose from ranging from light sabers to knives, boomerangs, laser guns, machine guns and my personal favorite the gigantic axe.

The servers are already very popular and there was plenty of other people to join and enjoy the game with, although it was easy to tell who had had a lot more practice than others some of them had even mastered the art of grenade throwing! Another cool feature is you can collect dynamite and try to take out as many other players with the huge explosion as possible but be aware you will have to sacrifice your own life too!

Although PUNCHMEN is still in the alpha phase it’s a huge amount of fun and looks really good, you may also find yourself laughing at some of the silly ways you or your opponents die and there is some blood splatter but because of the cartoon like graphics it’s not gory and shouldn’t be offensive to anyone and is suitable more or less for all ages.

You can download the PUNCHMEN alpha demo here for free.


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