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"A shareware WAD that foregoes complexity in favor of an incredibly difficult dance fight in a room packed full of demons."

R.A.V.E Specifications

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R.A.V.E Review

DOOM is one of the oldest FPSes in existence, and its engine is famously so robust that it can run on pretty much anything and also create pretty much anything.  From FPSes to RPGs to companions to a city living game, it has a ton of different mods and maps that can all do different things. But before all that, there were the humble WADs, just maps that had different characteristics based on which author made them. One of them is R.A.V.E.

To install R.A.V.E, you need to have GZDoom and move the WAD file into the GZDoom folder, which is pretty par for the course for DOOM maps.

This mod uses demons from the Shareware bestiary and stays away from all the DOOM 2 monsters with more complex attack patterns. Only the chaingun and hell knight appear in this game, with the cacodemon being used as well to spice things up.

There are 54 enemies in this mod and they're all crammed in a small warehouse, which might be why the author gave this WAD the name R.A.V.E. 

The large amount of simple monsters in a small area makes the mod play out like a dance. If you get cornered or don't watch your step, you'll quickly die. There are a few secrets in this mod that will increase the margin for victory on your end, so exploration is rewarded nicely with some extra weapons to slay demons with.

All in all, R.A.V.E is a fantastic map and is a great look into the past.


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