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"A much more refined version of the first SCP-087 game, featuring an actual ending."

SCP-087 Specifications

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SCP-087 Review

The SCP universe is one of the most popular crowd-written setting on the internet. There's nothing else quite like it in history and its setting is so full of SCPs that it has an endless potential for games. The community has largely obliged by creating a ton of SCP games, and one of many of them is SCP-087, a game based on SCP-087, an infinite staircase populated by a floating face.

To install SCP-087, simply run the executable and follow the instructions.

This game is much like the last game. You play as a D-Class which is one of many disposable test subjects in the SCP foundation's arsenal. You simply have to descend the staircase. The game is taking place from the perspective of the D-Class's camera. That, on top of the fact that the flashlight handed to the D-Class only illuminates a few feet in front of them, gives the game a very grainy and claustrophobic feel

The game is incredibly faithful to the original SCP-087 story. As you descend further and further, you'll start hearing some incredibly creepy and eerie sounds. However, unlike the last game, there is a proper end. When you reach the final floor - a number between 70 and 150 - and at the end, the floating face called SCP-087-1 will pop out, rush at you, and crash the game. Underwhelming? Maybe, but there's never been happy endings in SCP games.

SCP-087 is an incredibly interesting and fun game, and any fan of the setting or just horror games in general should give this game a look.


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