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The Crooked Man


"Experience a fantastic indie horror title right here."

The Crooked Man Specifications

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The Crooked Man Review

A lot of nursery rhymes are surprisingly disturbing if you really think about it, especially "London Bridge is falling down" and or "Ring around the Rosie". However, there are plenty of nursery rhymes that seem innocuous at first glance and it's up to interpretation to make them disturbing or creepy. A popular target is The Crooked Man nursery rhyme. You can check it out with this Crooked Man download.

To install The Crooked Man, simply unzip the archive and run the executable.

The game's story follows David Hoover as he moves into a new apartment building and quickly find that the apartment is haunted by a being called the Crooked Man. He then decides to find out why the place is haunted instead of leaving, and you'll go through multiple typical horror locales.

You'll meet a couple of other characters, such as Sissi, who lives up to her name and is scared of practically everything, or D, who's failing in college at the moment. Fluffy is a little kid that David happens to meet who's waiting for his mother to come back and pick him up...from the abandoned hospital that has a monster stalking through them. You'll also meet characters like Marion and Paul, who are two of David's best friend. And of course, you'll also meet the eponymous creature, who puts you through a ton of different trials. Most of these characters have a very surprising twist that will end up completely changing the way the story goes. If you want to see how the story will pan out, you should definitely look at this Crooked Man download.

The game has an incredibly interesting story line. Each of the locations he visits has a story arc attached to it that expands on the story of the Croked Man creature himself, and also lets us know what the main characters are thinking. For example, the Hotel arc reveals that the Crooked Man broke up with his girlfriend but still secretly goes to their secret, special place to reminisce about her. We later learn that David's girlfriend dumped him for another guy, giving the two a personal connection that only gets expanded on as you keep playing the game.

This game features a ton of different endings, which give this game a lot more replay value than a typical indie title has. It is incredibly touching and is a fantastic note to end the story on. While it is a tiny bit predictable and cliche, it still feels earned and sets itself up for a sequel great.

The gameplay is not as amazing, however. The game is very standard RPG maker horror fare. While there are some puzzles here and there they aren't difficult enough to force you to think outside the box in any way. Simply using your brain for a bit is enough to solve all of them - no obtuse adventure game solutions to be found here. Combat, however, is where the game truly does fall flat. It's incredibly clunky and gets even worse once you get your hands on a firearm.

The soundtrack is simple. It isn't distractingly awful or amazingly good - it sits neatly in the middle where it enhances the experience but is also not noticeable. The sound design is also pretty bland, save for the fantastic noises that the Crooked man makes whenever he appears - it's genuinely creepy and adds a ton to the game.

Overall, The Crooked Man is an incredibly solid game that's well written and has insanely good replay value. If you're a fan of horror games or are just interested in some good writing, you should definitely take a look right here with this Crooked Man download. With a truly human storyline that will serve to remind you how important some things are. Very few indie games carry this much heart nowadays, especially RPG maker games, and you should definitely give this a look.


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