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"A very powerful and useful system scheduling tool."

Timebell Specifications

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Timebell Review

Computers were designed to do complete actions exactly according to the algorithm in which the user provides. This covers what they are told to do and when they are told to do it. We, as end users, have grown accustomed to information being available at an instant – as soon as it happens. We are used to getting things done now and we want our computers to be able to handle tasks now, even if they’re role is not to come into play until the future. Not everything needs to happen right now. Some things are better completed in the future. Alarm clocks would not be used so widely if they’re role was to complete the action as soon as the timer is set. Could you imagine the horror from an alarm clock that just constantly sounds as soon as it is set?

Luckily our computers have somewhat of an internal alarm clock built it that “sounds” when a task needs to be completed. You can call it a “scheduler.” The end user sets a task to be completed and when it should be completed; the scheduler then monitors that queued action and the alarm until it sounds. Once the alarm sounds, the scheduler revisits that action and calls for it to be executed be the computer. It’s a pretty cool process. And it occurs in this same way for a task that is to be completed instantly as well.

But the end user doesn’t see the scheduler, the alarm, or the application that executes the action. So what does the end user see? The end user sees an application like TimeBell. TimeBell is an application developed by Evvasoft that serves as a “middle man” between the system’s scheduler and the end user – it provides a graphical user interface that you can interact with to schedule tasks to be executed on your computer in the future or prevent tasks from executing in the future.

This is a perfect tool for users who would like to perform backups of their system at specific times of the day, month, year, etc.; or perform a backup of a specific file or folder. TimeBell has the capability to schedule custom backups of specific files or file systems whenever you want on whatever you want. You can back up on the system’s current hard drive, or any external drive that you may have.

Up to this point, I’m sure that you probably believe that the entire application is targeted towards being the best file backup solution, but it’s not. In fact, that isn’t even the half of it. TimeBell allows you to set future reminders, open a program or file, or even open up a web page in the future. You can switch of the monitor or shut the entire system down completely. TimeBell even allows for simple miscellaneous actions such as changing the system’s wallpaper at a specified time. All actions can be repeated an unlimited amount of times on a repetition – hourly, daily, weekly, etc.


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