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Unholy Realms


"A mamssive megaWAD that has a fantastic atmosphere and level design."

Unholy Realms Specifications

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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Unholy Realms Review

DOOM is one of the oldest FPSes in existence, and its engine is famously so robust that it can run on pretty much anything and also create pretty much anything.  From FPSes to RPGs to companions to a city living game, it has a ton of different mods and maps that can all do different things. There are even full campaigns created called megawads. One of many is Unholy Realms.

To install Unholy Realms, you need to have ZDoom and move the WAD file into the GZDoom folder, which is pretty par for the course for DOOM maps.

The setup for this series of maps is simple. There's a quick blurb about sections of reality being pulled from hell and merging with Earth, and you have to go end it all before it gets too widespread.

This megawad is heavy on arena-style gameplay. However, there are some levels where you start out in a massive, wide-open area exposed to fire in all directions or instances where you're locked into a single area for a short time while you're forced to fight a relatively unique combination of enemies, being careful to vary the height and composition of the areas.

The combat is one of the best parts of this game, and there are incredibly unique scenarios present in every single level. The pacing is fantastic and compare favorably to many other megawads. If you want to just play a fantastic DOOM megawad, you should definitely give Unholy Realms a download. You won't regret it.


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