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Vermin God


"A horror visual novel based off of SCP-027, which is a disease that attracts insects and other parasites. Play as a girl who suddenly wakes up in an SCP facility with no idea how she got there."

Vermin God Specifications

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Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
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Very Good!
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Vermin God Review

Low-budget indie games tend to be some of the most creative around, assuming they aren't just flipping assets poorly in Unity. Without the budget to dazzle the audience with beautiful graphics, they instead need to focus on something else to stand out. These restrictions can lead to some very creative premises. Let's look at Vermin God.

To install Vermin God, simply unzip the files inside the archive into any folder you want.

This is a visual novel, so there's not much gameplay to talk about. You read, click to go to the next text line, and occasionally make decisions that, in this particular work, doesn't affect the story past the next couple of lines.

You follow an unnamed girl who wakes up inside an abandoned SCP facility with nothing but an extremely bloated stomach. She throws up and a bunch of maggots come out, horrifying her. She also finds herself oddly attracted to the nearby jarred insects and parasites, eating them and letting them crawl inside her.

If you're familiar with the titular SCP, you'll probably know what's going on. But it's incredibly engaging watching somebody who's completely disconnected from the SCP universe struggle to understand what's going on, especially when you know that the SCP have pumped a ton of amnestics through her.

It's a shame that the story cuts off just as things were getting interesting. While the game is listed as a prologue version, I don't feel it's necessary to leave it on a cliffhanger. Something like PT did a fine job of being a prologue while still concluding the arc it's presented.

All in all, Vermin God is an incredibly unique horror game that everybody should check out.


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