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More than 50,000 Windows Programs downloaded every day!


Emulate your favorite console and play games from your GameCube, Wii, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and more, directly on your computer. In our Emulators for PC category you can also find 3DS Emulators, PS2 Emulators, and many more!

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  • Dolphin Emulator

    Dolphin Emulator

    Play your favorite Wii and GameCube games on your PC with Dolphin Emulator.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Dolphin Emulator is Great!
    Total Downloads
  • PCSX2


    A popular Playstation 2 emulator that allows you to play your favorite Playstation 2 games on your Windows PC.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    PCSX2 is Great!
    Total Downloads
  • Project 64

    Project 64

    An easy to set up and easy to use emulator to play all your favorite N64 games on.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Project 64 is Very Good!
    Total Downloads
  • Date Night With Eyeless Jack

    Date Night With Eyeless Jack

    An interactive dating simulator with a creepypasta!

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Date Night With Eyeless Jack is Acceptable
    Total Downloads
  • Desume


    Simple Nintendo DS emulator for your PC.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Desume is Acceptable
    Total Downloads


    A DOS emulator compatible with most operating systems great for playing classic old games, easy to install and use and very convenient to play lots of your favorite old games.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    DOSBOX is It Rocks!
    Total Downloads
  • Visual Boy Advance-M

    Visual Boy Advance-M

    A Super Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance emulator for Windows.

    Free (GPL)
    Rocky Bytes Score
    Visual Boy Advance-M is Great!
    Total Downloads
  • ScummVM


    Play retro point-and-click games with this intuitive emulator!

    Rocky Bytes Score
    ScummVM is Very Good!
    Total Downloads
  • Nox App Player

    Nox App Player

    Emulate your Android right on your computer! Comes with a ton of features that will help your experience!

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Nox App Player is Great!
    Total Downloads
  • Desume 32bit

    Desume 32bit

    A free Nintendo DS emulator for your PC.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Desume 32bit is Acceptable
    Total Downloads
  • Project64


    One of the most popular Nintendo 64 emulators.

    Rocky Bytes Score
    Project64 is It Rocks!
    Total Downloads


    A free PSP emulator to play all your favorite games

    Rocky Bytes Score
    PPSSPP is Great!
    Total Downloads

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Emulators for PC

Nowadays the world of gaming is a really diverse one. Dozens of consoles come out year after year and it is hard to keep track of all of them. Real people with real budgets cannot afford to buy all of them, but we’d still like to try out some games on them, right? Well, that’s what game emulators are for.

Emulators are programs that emulate a system, for example, a game console, while running within another system, for example a PC, with the goal of recreating the console’s original features. In the world of gaming there are now many game emulators that will allow you to play games from any console on your computer.

By downloading game emulators you will be able to do just what its name indicates, emulate several consoles on your computer. In other words, your PC can be a PlayStation 2, a Nintendo 64 and a Gameboy Advanced at the same time… for example. With programs like Dolphin Emulator you can emulate your Wii or GameCube games while playing directly on your PC.

You will also find other types of emulators since there are so many to choose from: 3DS emulators for playing games from your Nintendo or GBA emulators that will allow you to play games from your Game Boy.


Nintendo DS Emulators for PC

If you want to play classic games from Nintendo DS in your computer you can do it with Desume, either with the 64bit version or the 32bit version. Mythical videogames such as Mario, Mario Kart or even Donkey Kong can now be seen and enjoyed on a bigger screen!

Desume is a really simple program that you directly guide you to the settings you want to find. There is nothing fancy about it, but the whole point of downloading a game emulator is to enjoy the games, right? Desume will take you straight to the fun! Download it!


Gameboy Advance Emulators for PC

Remember those primary school days when we only had one Gameboy for ten people and we cued during the whole playground time to hear the bell ring just when our turn started? No? Well, maybe that just happened to me. Anyway, not having a Gameboy won’t be a problem anymore once you download Visual Boy Advance-M. This game emulator allows you to play games from both Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advanced in your computer.

Visual Boy Advance-M has been in constant development and it shows a lot a improvements, all the classic from the Gameboys can definitely be played in this emulator for PC. It will work in your computer is it is not shiny and new, don’t worry! It is a very user-friendly program and you will be able to select the titles you want to play without spending time configuring stuff!


Gamecube and Wii emulators for PC 

There is a very small chance that whoever is reading this is the owner of a GameCube and a Wii. If there is such a reader, then congratulations, enjoy gaming! But if you want to play the game from those consoles in your computer you can do it. All you need to do is download this Gamecube and Wii emulator.

Once you have installed Dolphin Emulator you just need to put your PC-DVD-ROM in the computer’s drive and relax while playing your favorite games (you can also use gamepads). You can play them in full 1080p HD!


PlayStation 2 Emulators for PC

PCSX2 is the perfect game emulator to play all your favorites from Play Station 2 in your PC. What a delight!

Although at least a little knowledge about game emulators is expected if you want to run it, it is one of the simplest programs of its kind on the market right now. It is also one of least demanding game emulators in terms of computer performance, so things should work smoothly.

PCSX2 comes with all the plugins you will need to play most of the Play Station 2 titles, but if you want to extend it even more there are plenty of plugins available on the internet. Download PCSX2 and enjoy!


Emulators for PC Free Download

All the game emulators available for download in Rocky Bytes are free: Dolphin Emulator, Project 64, PCSX2, Visual Boy Advance-M and Desume.


Best Emulators for PC

According to Rocky Bytes, the top three best emulators for PC include Project 64, Dolphin Emulator and PCSX2.

According to the users, the podium would be formed by (in this order) Dolphin Emulator, PCSX2 and Desume.