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A Clash of Kings Mod (Game of Thrones)


"A mod for Mount and Blade: Warband that brings you into the Game of Thrones universe!"

A Clash of Kings Mod (Game of Thrones) Specifications

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1.35 GB
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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A Clash of Kings Mod (Game of Thrones) is Very Good!
Very Good!
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A Clash of Kings Mod (Game of Thrones) Review

Based on the series of books by the author George R. R. Martin, "A Song of Ice and Fire", A Clash of Kings is named after the second book with in the series of books, which is when the game (or modification rather) takes place. If you have not already, it is encouraged that you have read the books or have some understanding of the back stories of the Game of Thrones before downloading this Mount and Blade game modification. Otherwise, you will be left confused at some of the information given to you while playing the modification considering it is entirely based on the second book, A Clash of Kings. 

Now, you can even watch the show Game of Thrones on the TV show on HBO, just in case you are one of those people that would rather not read the books and enjoy watching film or show depictions of books instead. This game brings you straight into the Game of Thrones universe with popular mod quests (familiar faces and familiar places) from the Game of Thrones. You will feel right at home and understand everything around you only if you have read the books or watch the show on HBO - otherwise, you might as well not even bother downloading this modification to be very honest. 

A Clash of Kings Mod uses the Mount and Blade engine, completely modified from the original game. The modification is very well made, and is loaded with hours of content. It might as well be considered its own game considering the amount of time you can spend in it, but of course it uses another game to deliver the content to you - so it will always simply be a modification. Perhaps a future stand alone game is possible? Only time will tell.

A Clash of Kings Mod was clearly made by fans of the Game of Thrones, for fellow fans of the Game of Thrones. The dialog text is very well done and quite extensive, with an RPG experience you have always hoped for from the series. Even if you do not play very many video games, you should still consider playing this one if you are a fan, simply because of the amount of sheer detail put into this mod - it is almost hard to ignore the fact that it exists. 

Be very aware that you must own Mount and Blade: Warband before considering to download this mod. Being a modification for the game, it is obviously absolutely required to own the game and have it installed before you download and install this modification. Otherwise, you will be downloading files that simply will not work since it requires Mount and Blade: Warband. 

If you are interested in checking out this mod, definitely give it a try by downloading it right here by clicking on the download link above!


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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