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How to Play Agar.io

Learn how to play Agar.io really fast!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Agar.io. Please click the green button below.

In this guide you will learn the basic on how to play Agar.io the game. The game is a browser based game which requires an Internet connection to play. So, make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection to play Agar.io

Make sure you have downloaded the direct browser link through our website download by clicking on the download link at the top of the page. This way, when you want to play the game, it will be accessible to you directly from your desktop. 

How to play Agar.io?

When you get to the website, the first thing you need to do is enter a username. This can be anything you want. Some usernames will add a unique background to your cell that will make you stand out in the game. These are secret usernames, but you can just Google the secret names if you want to, as well:

How to play Agario

After you have chosen a name, you simply press the blue play button and you will be put right into the game. You are placed in a random location in the multiplayer realm, so you will want to make sure that you watch out for other larger cells right off the bat. You need to collect the tiny cells in order to gain mass. You can also gain mass by consuming other people's cells as well as long as they are smaller than you. But, beware, the people's cells that are larger than you can consume you too, and if you are consumed you lose and will have to start over:

How to play Agario

You have two options when you are running about in the realm. If you press the space bar, you can split into two cells to increase your speed, but both of your cells will now be smaller. This means you can be consumed by more people if you are not careful. The only reason you will want to do this is if you need to become faster for a short amount of time. You can also press W to eject some mass, which will eject some of your cell's mass permanently so you can move faster. You will pretty much never want to do this as you can simply press the space bar and split into two cells, which will also make you move faster and after a while the two cells will combine once again:

How to play Agario

Agar.io controls

The Agar.io controls are pretty simply in Agar.io as your cell will follow your mouse cursor. All you have to do is guide your cursor around to steer your cell around the realm. Make sure to pay attention as to not get consumed by the other cells, and try to get yourself onto the leaderboard and become the most powerful cell in the realm. After a few gos, you should pretty much have the game down as it is pretty easy to play, but pretty hard to survive. So, if you practice, you will surely become pretty good at Agar.io in no time. 

Agar.io Basics - Video tutorial

We made a gameplay video where we show you the basics of the game, what to do in every situation and basic guidance. Give a look at it and let us know how addicted you are already!

We hope this how to play Agar tutorial has helped! Now go enjoy the game!


Agar.io Special Nicknames

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