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Aim Lab Guide

A custom playlist that will help you get better in almost every aspect of aiming.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Aim Lab. Please click the green button below.

Aim Lab is one of the most useful programs out there for training your aim for a variety of games out there. However, it can be a little confusing knowing exactly what you should do and what kind of routines you should be utilizing to improve your aim. It's like training your body - it's much more effective to have a routine to follow than just randomly doing push-ups or situps every once in a while. Here's a playlist from manantyagi25 on reddit that I personally tried out, and noted that it also helped me immensely.

Here's the playlist, the order in which you play it, and the reasoning behind each of these.

1. Detection Ultimate

This exercise is fantastic in gauging if you're improving your reaction time. This is ultimately the main thing that will improve your time to kill and a great way to start your routine off as it's the best way to see how much you're improving.

2. DecisionShot Speed

Making decisions is one of the most underrated skills you can have while playing a shooter. When you're presented with multiple targets to choose from, every millisecond spent deciding which target to go after is a millisecond you're wasting not actually moving your mouse over and shooting them.

3. PentaKill Standard

You won't improve your score doing this as its a sandbox exercise, but this is a fantastic way to train your shot selection, which is something a lot of people suck at.

4. Spidershot Speed

This is one of the best tasks in the game for gaining speed over large flicks. You can choose to either do Spidershot Speed or Spidershot Precision first. That's up to user preference.

5. Microshot Speed

This task is the best in the game for developing speed in the microflicks that you typically have to do in longe range firefight situations.

6. Spidershot Precision

This is similar to Spidershot Speed, except in one crucial way. The better you perform, the smaller your targets get. This means that you're developing a lot more precision than you are speed. However, developing precision is typically much more difficult than Speed is. Develop precision, and the speed will eventually come along with it.

7. Microshot Precision

Much like Microshot Speed, but focused far heavier on accuracy.

8. StrafeTrack Ultimate

This is the best exercise for warming up to the various tracking exercises. The targets move in a straight line in front of you, making it great to get into the mood for tracking.

9. CircleTrack Ultimate

The targets now move around you, challenging you to keep track of them especially if you have a low sensitivity. This is generally more applicable to gameplay than StrafeTrack is.

10. CircleShot Ultimate

This combines tracking, speed, and precision. The orbs now require three shots to kill, but they move very randomly. You'll need to use all the skills you've been training preciously in the playlist to succeed here.

11. SpiderShot Ultimate

In this SpiderShot task, the target orbs will vary in size. This combines Speed and Precision very effectively.

12. Microshot Ultimate

It will combine both Microshot Speed and Microshot Precision by both making the orbs vary in size and having them blink out quickly.

13. Microflex Standard

The orbs spawn truly randomly across the screen, requiring you to be quick and precise. This is compared to Spidershot and Microshot, which both start off with a central orb spawn and lets you autopilot.

14. Sixshot Ultimate

Shoto at six extremely small orbs. This is a fantastic precision training.

15. Spidershot180 Ultimate

This exercise is for the rare times where you have to flick a full 180.

And that's it! That's the custom playlist that will help you improve your aim.

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