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How to Use Aim Lab

A quick guide on how to train using Aim Lab.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Aim Lab. Please click the green button below.

Aim Lab is one of the most useful programs out there for training your aim for a variety of games out there. However, it can be a little confusing knowing exactly what you should do and what kind of routines you should be utilizing to improve your aim. It's like training your body - it's much more effective to have a routine to follow than just randomly doing push-ups or situps every once in a while. Here are some things to keep in mind and how to get started.

1. Make sure you have the correct sensitivity settings.

Every single FPS game has different sensitivity settings. The same number between two games will not always result in the exact same feel. Thankfully, this game's sensitivity settings let you select which game you want to set them for.

This is all well and good for if you simply play one game - just set it to the same settings as you use in game and you're good to go. However, what if you play multiple games? Unfortunately, you'll need to constantly swap the sensitivity between exercises. However, there are tools out there to make it easier on you so you don't have to constantly boot up different games to check on your settings. 

For example, what if you just simply set all of your game sensitivities to be universal? There is a special program out there to help match your game sensitivities. It's called the Sensitivity Matcher, and you can download it right here.

2. Understand the steps taken in aiming and shooting

Let's break down what you're doing every time you're taking a shot.

1. You're recognizing in your peripherals that there is something to shoot at. When you're faced with multiple things to shoot at, make a decision fast.

2. Place your eyes on what you're shooting at.

3. Move your hand to the target.

4. Recognize where you're aiming at on the target.

5. Decide to shoot. This may seem obvious, but many times, you'll find yourself making microadjustments to shoot optimally.

Now that you understand what the process of actually shooting at something is, you can tailor your routine to where in the process you're weak.

3. Which exercises should you start out with?

To get a good baseline of where you're standing right now and understand where you need to focus, here are some of the exercises you should do.

Start out by doing Microshot Speed a few times as fast as you can. 

Pay attention to your GAIN statistic after finishing it. What this statistic is is a tracker of how many overshoots and undershoots you have. It should either be 1.0 or very close to it. If it's greater than 1.0, then your sensitivity is too high and you need to tone it down. Same for if you're under 1.0. This will help you find the best sensitivity for your game.

After that, try doing the Detection exercise. This will let you know how fast you can react to something on your screen.

Do Microshot Precision a few times to see how precise you are starting out.

Lastly, just do any of the tracking exercises - they're all very effective at what they do.

This will give you a base score to start out with. If you analyze the statistics of these exercises, you should be able to see where you're weak.

It's also highly recommended that you go to the official Aim Lab Discord. There are constantly coaches that are willing to help you and at least point you in the right direction. If you're serious about getting better, there is almost no better resource out there. 

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Aim Lab is one of the most useful programs out there for training your aim for a variety of games out there. However, it can be a little confusing knowing exactly what you should do and what kind of routines you ...