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How to Install Ares

Learn how to install and set up Ares with this guide

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Ares. Please click the green button below.

The installation process will start automatically right after we run downloaded program file. We will see a window with license terms and conditions. When we accept them, we will be able to choose to create Ares shortcut on our desktop marking “Desktop shortcut” option.

After choosing where we want to install Ares and pressing “Install” button Ares will be installed in a matter of seconds. Now, as it is already installed, let’s see how to configure Ares for its correct functioning. For that let’s go to “Control panel” tab where we can see various Ares setup features. We can now go directly to “Transfer” menu to set up some transfer parameters and optimize them to the maximum:

How to install ares

This menu allows us to configure transfer options like bandwidth or download and upload connections. One of the most important options is “Accept incoming connections on port” followed by connection port that Ares is going to use to transfer files and we have to set it up to an open router port. In case we don’t have such or we don’t know of any open port, we will have to go “Network” tab and mark “My PC can’t accept incoming connections” feature.

How to install ares

Now, the only we need to do it say where we store files for sharing so that Ares library shows it to us. For that we need to go to “Filesharing” tab and inside there will be 2 tabs:

 How to install ares

The first one is “auto scan” which starts computer search for any multimedia or auto run file. The second one and the one we recommend to use is “Manual configure” option, where we will need to mark which drives and folders contain the files we want to share. There are more configuration possibilities, but after following these easy steps of this guide we will have Ares functioning and 100% ready to download whatever we want. There are other programs similar to Ares which are quite similar in options and configuration and installation. You can find them in P2P section on Rocky Bytes and this way have more alternatives for other P2P network programs.

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