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Atlantica Online Guide

The best way to level in Atlantica Online.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Atlantica Online. Please click the green button below.

Atlantica Online can be a fun game, but it's so old school that leveling can be a chore...which is a shame, because the game is locked behind leveling. Here's the fastest way to level in this game.

1. Picking the right class

Unfortunately, not all classes are created equal. It's recommended that you pick Blademaster, Battlemage, Stormcaller or Huntress, as they are the fastest leveling classes in the game. However, if you highly prefer another main, then you should pick it - fun is more important, after all.

Be sure to have a name that's easy to remember but not offensive, so other people can find you easier down the line.

2. Finding a Mentor

The Mentor system in Atlantica is designed to help new players catch up to older players while also giving the mentor a boost. As soon as you can, you should find a mentor with the Mentor button on the right and party with them. If your mentor ever goes offline, then you should cancel your mentorship and find another to party with.

It may sound crass, ditching your old mentor immediately, but it's worth it. Being in a party with your mentor will give you twice the quest experience and more Exp for every battle you finish. On top of that, finishing quests with your mentor in the party will also give you some nice rewards. You two don't need to be fighting together - you can both be on the opposite sides of the world and getting the boosted EXP. Never stop being in a party with a mentor, even after you get all the awards for mentor/mentee. Do this until you reach the maximum mentee level of 159.

3. Guilds

You should also do your absolute best to find a guild to join. High level guilds will give you boost to your attack and defence. Some quests will want you to get information on certain monsters, which you can get by either grinding on those monsters...or simply asking your guildmates for that information.

There are also guild crafts, where you can help contribute to a craft by fighting monsters. Once that craft is finished, you will get experienced towards a crafting skill based on the portion of the workload you committed. This way, you can level your crafting skills up without even needing to craft once.

A good guild will also have access to guild dungeons and nation dungeons. Each of these dungeons have mobs that auto level to your level, which is extremely useful for experience. Nation dungeons are much the same, except you also get nation tokens that you can trade for special awards.

4. Start Questing

Before you get to this part, you should follow the main questline until you hit level 120. After that, you should just use the quest log or in game leveling guide to help find more quests. If you ever get stuck on a quest because you need to write an answer down, then it's best to either pay attention or...well, google. Doing this should easily let you hit the max level after a short time. 

5. Mercenaries

Be sure to put your strongest mercenaries forward so you can cut down on overall battle time. Make sure that thee mercenaries with the most useless skills stay on the bench - if you're not one turning the enemy, then you're probably falling behind on the power curve.

6. Events

If an event is going on, then you should probably stop questing for a bit and work on the events, as they tend to have a ton of awards that will make it easier for you.

And that's it! Following this guide should easily let you hit max level.