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Conquer Online


"A MMORPG with a combat-focused play style which revolves around wealth, fame, and character development."

Conquer Online Specifications

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Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Very Good!
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37th out of 85

Conquer Online Review

While there are many MMORPGs out there, Conquer Online is really one of the few that stand out when it comes to the overall gameplay and character development in the game. It will keep you going for hours, and you will soon become addicted without much effort. The style of the game play really stands out when it comes to the Player vs Environment content in the game and the player to player communication and relationships that you will build while playing Conquer Online. The game is basically built around the whole online community concept, and really encourages you to meet and play with new people online in the game.

Play Conquer Online

There are a lot of things you can get your hands on in the game, and many people will find many different things that they enjoy about the game. In Conquer Online, there is a lot of focus around the joining and working with player guilds to play the game content. While you can play alone, playing with guilds comes with many different benefits that you would not be able to gain while playing by yourself. So, in reality, Conquer Online is not really a lone wolf type of MMORPG, but to be honest why would you want to play a game like that alone, anyway? The entire focus is around game content and online community, and that is exactly what I would expect from a MMORPG

The graphics in the game are all right, but you can clearly see that the game was not to give you the feel of realism. There is a lot more focus on the game content and fun game mechanics which you will come to enjoy while playing Conquer Online, and one of the things that really make this type of game stand out from others out there. There is also constant support for the game, and almost constant updates from time to time to improve the game, add more things to the game, and to fix any issues that may be preventing you from enjoying the game in its full glory. 

The leveling system in the game is pretty basic, however. If you are not a fan of grinding MMOs, then you might want to look elsewhere. Conquer Online really focuses on working with your friends to level up, and the while idea is to work together with questing and grinding. Each level, as you would expect, you will become more powerful. Each monster you kill, you will gain experience points in order to gain levels to upwards to level 120. The game is also designed to encourage higher levels to help lower levels start out and learn the game. 

Download Conquer Online

There are lots of things to do and learn in Conquer Online, and with the encouragement to play with your friends to gain achievements in the game is a huge plus. Try out this Conquer Online free download to see what we mean.


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