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Crystal Story 2


"A high quality Flash RPG with animated cutscenes, great voice acting, and incredibly deep combat."

Crystal Story 2 Specifications

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Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Crystal Story 2 Review

Warning: You need to have a program capable of running an SWF file to play this game. You can click here to find one such program right here on our website.

Final Fantasy basically codified the turn based JRPG format, with the formula lasting from the 80s to now with only some minor tweaks and streamlining to the system. It's also accessible enough that it can be applied to games with a variety of budgets - in fact, the famous RPG maker software makes it simple to make an RPG with barely any budget. However, there are some that tried to go further beyond before that engine became popular - the Crystal Story series is one of them. Let's look at Crystal Story 2.

To install Crystal Story 2, just run it with whatever SWF player you have.

Unlike the first game, this is very much a traditional RPG. Instead of playing like Etrian Odyssey, it plays more like an old school Final Fantasy now. Every town still has the same gameplay loop of shop, sleep, and sideuqests, and there are more options now too such as Alchemy to create new weapons and items.

Otherwise, changes between the first and second game are mostly cosmetic. Gameplay is mostly the same - just swap out XP grinding for SP grinding and how characters don't have skill trees as much as a skill root. One of the best changes, however, is an increase in character interaction and dialogue, which does a great job in fleshing out the world and characters.

All in all, Crystal Story 2 proves that even Flash RPGs can be incredibly full of quality. It's mind-boggling how games like this are free to anyone with an internet connection.


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