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Undertale Red


"Experience a short but sweet Undertale fan game that encompasses everything good about the original."

Undertale Red Specifications

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Undertale Red Review

Undertale is one of the most influential titles for the indie scene in recent times. It was so influential, in fact, that a ton of indie games in recent times stated that they were directly influenced by Undertale, which was in turn inspired by Earthbound. There are also a ton of fan works set in this universe - one of them is Undertale: Red.

To install Undertale: Red, simply unzip the archive and run the executable.

Even though this game consists of only one battle, it somehow captures everything that made Undertale popular. There are multiple endings, two main routes, meta commentary and likable characters. Or in this case, a likeable character.

The whole game consists of one encounter with a fan character named Red. You choose the route you want to undertake from the very beginning. If you try to ACT with her, you will go on the Pacifist route. If you attack her, then she will give you one chance to stop before you start the Genocide route. The Genocide route, like the main game, is incredibly brutal.

Your character's personality and backstory is determined by which route you take. If you choose the Pacifist route, you're a happy-go-lucky person who just wants to be friends with everyone and has befriended everybody you've come across previously. If you choose the Genocide route, you've murdered everybody you came across and she's trying to take revenge.

Undertale: Red is an incredibly good fangame that completely understands what made the original Undertale so loveable. If you liked Undertale, you should give this a shot.


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Undertale Red Tutorials and Guides

How to Install Undertale Red

How to Install Undertale Red

Are you having trouble installing Undertable Red? Take a look at this guide and you'll be right as rain.

Are you having trouble installing Undertale Red? Well, don't worry. This guide will painstakingly take you through every step of the process. 1. Download the file. First thing's first, you need to download ...

How to Play Undertale Red

How to Play Undertale Red

Having trouble with Undertale Red? Look no further than this guide.

1. The three routes Just like the main game, Undertale Red has three different routes: Pacifist, Neutral, and Genocide. You need to do different things to go down each route. Pacifist Route: You need to not ...

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