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Pokemon Zeta Omicron


"A fun and unique fan made Pokemon fangame made by fans for fans."

Pokemon Zeta Omicron Specifications

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Pokemon Zeta Omicron Review

There are a lot of fangames for Pokemon available on the Internet for download. Even a lot that are occasionally updated with more content. Though, some of these fangames really stand out more than the others, and Pokemon Zeta Omicron is one of those. Being well made Pokemon games with great separate gameplay, there is a lot to offer from a creative, fan made Pokemon game that deserves some respect. 

Starting the game, you are a young hero of Nyasa Town. You fight against a harmful organization get back your home to save the world. It takes place in the Vesryn region, which is made of three continents. These are the mainland, the Chrome Circle, and the Vesryn Spear. Vesryn Spear become accessible later on in the game once you beat the "Elite Four" and then begins the second half of the game. 

You are to embark on a great experience and journey throughout the lands to defeat Team Asgard, which is led by Odin (Zeta) or Team Olympus which is led by Zeus (Omicron). You must do this before they go too far and abuse the powers that they have with certain Pokemon to become gods of the world. 

With a very interesting story, you can choose which version you want to play. You can play Zeta or Omicron, which both start similarly, but go in different directions with different enemies. The in depth storyline will make you question whether it is actually a fan made game and not an official one. It is very well thought out and the plot itself will make you want to keep playing for hours, which makes this particular fangame one any Pokemon fan should definitely give a try. 


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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Pokemon Zeta Omicron in Other Languages

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