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DayZ mod

"A mod for Arma II that turns the game into an in-depth fight for survival against zombies and your faith in humanity."

DayZ mod Specifications

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DayZ mod Review

Very well detailed mods are always something that is hard to come by. While there are many great mods out there, there are very few that get nearly as much attention to the great detail put into it like the Day Z mod for Arma II. In fact, this mod became so famous for its detail and fun gameplay that the developers eventually decided to make a separate game specifically for the mod. 

Day Z

The mod takes you into a different reality that does not exist in Arma II, in which you are in a world where you must fight for survival not only against a zombie apocalypse, but also against other players. It is you against the world, unless you choose to team up and make friends with other players in the game. This mod is also exceptionally fun if you play it with your friends. You and your friends can team up and protect one another from the dangers of the Day Z universe.

Once you die in DayZ, that is it. You lose all of your items and re-spawn in a different location. If you were killed by another player, you more than likely won't be getting your stuff back. The gameplay can be brutal for newcomers without prior knowledge of the DayZ Mod but if you hang in there and learn the ropes this mod can be extremely fun and guaranteed to keep your entertained for hours at a time.

The game tries to give you a realistic experience of how it would be if a zombie apocalypse was actually occurring in real life. You will skydive into the map on the server you choose, and will start. Your character will experience pretty much everything an average human would in real life when dealing with situations. It seems you have to worry about just about everything except "going to the bathroom". Though, that is alright. You will have a lot more to worry about, like your hunger, how cold you are, how wet you are, protecting yourself from zombies and other players as well. All of these things will determine your overall health in the game. If you become cold and wet from being out in the rain, you could die of disease. If you are harmed by another player or a zombie, you will start bleeding and if you do not try to stop the bleeding, you will eventually die. Basically, it is important to keep in mind all of the factors that are in play when it comes to keeping your character alive. Most of these factors would be things you would probably have to worry about in real life as well. So, it should be easy to determine what you should or should not do in the game when you are playing it. 

Day Z mod Download

This DayZ free download will give you full access to the mod that you will have to install on top of Arma II. After you have installed the game, you will notice the fantastic amount of options provided by the Arma II game as well of the graphical options in the game. Even the most powerful computers will find the graphical options in DayZ mod quite the challenge, but you will enjoy the even more realistic experience that the graphics will add to the already realistic game. 

How to survive in DayZ

Work at your hardest to find supplies on the map to help you survive in DayZ. When you start out in the game, you will simply be clothed and that is it. You need to run to a house or building to try to find supplies to help you survive from what ever the game throws at you. You will find that if you do not find supplies you will not survive for very long. Anybody that has more supplies than you, a weapon, or if a zombie comes running at you - you will find that it is nearly impossible to survive just about any attack that you experience in the game without any supplies. 

When you are starting out, you should run to buildings and try to find any weapon you can find, some food to keep you from getting hungry, more clothes or something that can be used as armor, any tools you can use for various things - anything that you might find may become useful, you should pick it up. Though, remember, your backpack cannot hold an unlimited amount of supplies. It is important to only pick up what you think will be useful to you, because not everything, you will find out, will be useful for your survival

There are quite a few ways you can die in DayZ. Depending on the conditions of the weather of the map and what you encounter in the game, you will feel the effects right away. Zombie bites and cause you to bleed out or give you a disease. Diseased players can also give you a disease. You can get bone fractures from fall damage or damage to your legs in any way, go into shock from bullet woulds or zombie bites, or even faint due to low blood pressure. The game is recognized for its versatile and unique gameplay that will keep you glued to your computer. 

Not everything it out to get you in Day Z. You may encounter friendly players in the game that want to work together with you to help each other survive. This can increase your chances of surviving attacks, but will make gathering resources even harder. You can even play with your friends, but you will have to find each other on the map and also be on the same server. Either way, you will find that the game delivers you a realistic experience that will keep you thinking, get your mind into survival mode, and to be able to work with others that are willing to team up with you. Download DayZ mod and try it out for yourself!


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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