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Driver Booster


"Driver Booster will get all of the necessary drivers for your PC with just one click."

Driver Booster Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (22.38 MB)
Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
22.38 MB
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Driver Booster is Great!
Software Ranking
1st out of 16

Driver Booster Review

If you're the average PC user, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what computer drivers and Driver Booster are. To make it simpler for you, just imagine that your computer is a car.

Your computer's drivers would be the car's tires. If you don't have the proper tires for your computer/car, then you won't get certain benefits that you would if the proper tires were installed. If you have three of the proper tires and one that is incorrect - let's say that one is too small - then your car will be close to unusable because the tires cannot work together properly when one is a different size than the rest. Every now and then you have to get new tires for your car once the old tires wear out, or need to be updated for the terrain that your car will be driving on top of. Your computer's drivers are very similar.

It is very important to ensure that your computer's drivers are both the right drivers for your system and also that they have been updated to the latest version. Having the wrong drivers installed on your system could possibly render your computer completely unusable. Especially if the driver that is incorrect is for an essential input device such as the mouse/ trackpad or keyboard.

Having outdated drivers installed on your computer means that your system is not properly optimized for daily use. Many driver updates contain systematic changes that could increase your PC's efficiency, speed, and even battery life. Having the incorrect/ outdated drivers means that your computer is missing out on these great optimizations.

Finding drivers for your computer hasn't always been an easy task to complete. Driver Booster makes it easy for you to get all of the latest drivers installed on your computer with as little as one click. It searches the web for the correct drivers for your system and ensures that you have the proper and latest versions.

Download Driver Booster today so that your PC will be properly optimized for daily usage.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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Give Away: Get a Driver Booster license key for FREE!

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Driver Booster in Other Languages

Driver Booster in Spanish

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