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NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver

"Fix audio issues by your hardware by downloading an updated Audio driver."

NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver Specifications

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NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver Review

Drivers are some of the most important things on your computer, but a lot of typical users wouldn't know about them. The best way to describe what a driver is that it acts like the wheels on your car. Badly fitted ones will make it run slower, but not having any at all will make it practically nonfunctional. One of many audio drivers out there is the NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver. You can give it a shot right here with these Nvidia sound drivers.

To install NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver, simply run the installer and you're good to go. 

Audio drivers are a lot different from other audio drivers in that unlike the other drivers, it is immediately noticeable if it's not working right. For example, a printer driver being absent or not updated just means that documents sent to the printer aren't processed by the drivers correctly. This can be noticeable, but only if you're paying attention. However, if you don't have the correct audio driver or it's not working quite right? There will be massive chunks of audio that are left completely filled with silence, which are only broken up by crackles and pops.

Audio drivers also utilize something called a buffer. This is queue of audio samples waiting to be processed. Imagine it like a production line. Every one second, something new gets produced and packed into a box. Each box only has room for a certain amount of these things - let's say 50. You'd need to wait 50 seconds before the package is sealed up and shipped off and a new box is started. If something's wrong with the production line, then production is slowed and the box may leave without being packed enough. This is where the chunks of silence are coming from. The larger the box, the more time the workers have a chance to realize something's wrongImagine the box is your buffer, the stream of production is your audio, and the workers in the factory is your processor.

In essence, having a larger buffer means there's more time for the audio to be processed before it leaves, and the drivers are in charge of this entire process. The more efficient the drivers are, the less delay between the audio being processed and heard. Give it a shot right here with some of these Nvidia sound drivers.

What happens when you install an incompatible audio driver? Well, it's as bad as just not installing any in the first place, except that it's a somewhat harder problem to fix on the surface because your computer won't tell you that an audio driver is missing. You'd have to go to your device manager and check up on your audio driver to see if there's an issue with it. It's a pain in the neck to diagnose the problem afterwards because it's very much a hit or miss whether or not your OS will find the correct audio driver to fix the issues.

There are a couple of NVIDIA products that this driver will support. Do note that if you don't have these products, this driver will do nothing at best and conflict with its hardware at worst. Do make sure that you have these products. If you have different products, then make sure to find the appropriate drivers for them.

The supported products are:

nForce 9 series:
980a SLI

nForce 7 series:
790i Ultra SLI, 790i SLI, 780i SLI, 780a SLI, 760i SLI, 750i SLI, 750a SLI, 740i SLI, 740a SLI, 730i (Geforce 9400/9300), 730a (GeForce 8300/8200), 720i, 720a (GeForce 8100), 710a

nForce 6 series:
680i SLI, 680i LT SLI, 680a SLI, 650i Ultra, 650i SLI, 630i/GeForce 7150, 630i/GeForce 7100, 630a / GeForce 7050, 630a / GeForce 7025, 610i/GeForce 7050

nForce 5 series:
590 SLI Intel, 590 SLI AMD, 570 Ultra AMD, 570 SLI Intel, 570 SLI AMD, 560, 550, 520

ION series:

I can confirm that the audio driver does a great job fixing most audio issues related to the hardware. If that sounds like something you need, then you should definitely give these Nvidia Sound Drivers a download right here.


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