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Endless Forest Version History

Sound quality improves greatlyYou now have all the emotion animations we have now except the cowering animationYou can now pray at the statuesYou can now wear sets, but only the older ones (you cannot see Halloween sets or Mardi Gras sets)Still no fawnsOthers (using phase 3 and up) see you as a transparent deerYou can cast flowers on any deer, even if they have an antler spell

Release Date: 2006-04-26

You can only walk around the ruinsYou can only see the default setThe sound quality makes the deer sound like sauropods (long necked dinosaurs)There's more energetic animationsThere are no emotion animations or fawnsOther deer (using different clients) see you as a gray stag with broken antlers

Release Date: 0006-01-11