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Fallout 1.5: Resurrection


"A true marriage of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2."

Fallout 1.5: Resurrection Specifications

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Fallout 1.5: Resurrection Review

Every single fandom has their divides. For example, the Star Wars fandom is usually split into fans who all only like one trilogy in the nine movie series and constantly argue with each other. Same with the Doctor Who fandom. The Fallout fandom is no different, and they're split between the old style and the new style. Even in the fans of the old style, however, there are those that feel Fallout 2 deviated too far from 1. That's what Fallout 1.5: Resurrection aims to fix.

To install Fallout 1.5: Resurrection, make sure you own Fallout 2. Then simply run the installer.

The story of this game is original, and is actually better staged and developed than many of the Bethesda era Fallout games. It avoids the usual factions and instead introduces broader ideas of an untamed wasteland. The team decided to ditch many of the goofier elements and instead focus back on the more dark side of the series.

The missions are also a diverse mix of tasks, despite the way they're handled not being something wholly original. It really is just killing someone or a skill based challenge most of the time. However, the writing is what saves it. You can never fully expect how a quest will play out or what results your action will have. You can actually sabotage yourself easily if you just keep going blindly to the next objective without paying attention.

Overall, Fallout 1.5: Resurrection is a great callback to some of the best writing Fallout had to offer and any fans should give it a shot.


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