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Mozilla Firefox Version History

Firefox 36.0 is released being the fastest Firefox browser yet. With more speed and reliability, in version 36.0 you can expected one of the best browsing experiences out there on the Internet with little or not problems, and featured packed with protection to make sure you are safe while surfing the web.  If you are interested in downloading Firefox 36.0, click on the download link above!
There are a few new additions and changes to Mozilla Firefox in 34.0.5. Mozilla Firefox 34.0.5 included updates for SSLv3, how HTML5 runs, some of the developer options have been changed, and CSS transitions will not start correctly in this version which was an annoying bug that was contained in the main release of version 34 of Firefox.  If you are interested in downloading Mozilla Firefox 34.0.5, make sure to click on the download link at the top of the page!