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How to Install Five Nights in Anime 2

If you're having trouble installing Five Nights in Anime 2 at all, take a look at this video!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Five Nights in Anime 2. Please click the green button below.

Five Nights in Anime 2 is a fangame that asks two questions: What happens if we take a horror game and take it straight into the opposite direction, and should we do it? The question to the latter is yes, of course. First, you'll need to get an installation executable of the game.

While we do our best to keep everything updated, we are still human. Some of the software updates may slip through the cracks. If that's the case here, then it's best to grab it directly from the source. In this case, the source is on Gamejolt - specifically, you can find it here.

Once you download it, that's pretty much it. All you need to do is double click the executable and it will launch. However, if the game doesn't boot up, then there could be a couple of things wrong with it.

If there isn't a specific error that shows up when you try to boot it up, then an easy general fix would be your compatibility mode. Not every program is future-proof, after all. Right-click on the executable, go to properties, security, and set it to run in the ever-reliable Windows XP mode. If that doesn't work, try Windows 8 compatibility mode. Any more than that and you'll have to contact the developer directly.

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