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"The original Team Fortress mod for Half-Life."

FortressOne Specifications

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FortressOne Review

Team Fortress 2 made massive waves in the gaming industry when it came out. Its class based gameplay supported tons of different playstyles, its combination of rewarding personal skill as well as teamwork, and each class has enough skill depth that you can spend hundreds of hours on each one learning its nuances. But what about the original Team Fortress? It's still being supported to this day under the name FortressOne.

To install FortressOne, make sure you have Half Life 1 installed and simply run the executable.

This might sound a little bit reductive, but the core gameplay is really Team Fortress 2 but clunkier. The same class based gameplay is here, and each class still has their own unique identity. There are some differences from its sequel, however. For instance, every class has access to grenades except for the Scout, who instead has Caltrops. Every class also has a secondary grenade option that range from nail grenades to concussion grenades to napalm grenades.

Aside from that, however, many of the classes are incredibly similar, save for some notable exceptions such as the Pyro having an incendiary cannon and the medic having a super nail gun. The maps are very similar, and many of them are classics that were remade in Team Fortress 2. 

The game's art style isn't quite as well-defined as Team Fortress 2's is, making it hard to differentiate the classes apart sometimes. However, it is worth noting that this is free, whereas Team Fortress 2 isn't. If that sounds like something you'd want to try, then give FortressOne a download.


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