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Team Fortress 2


"The original and most popular class-based shooter."

Team Fortress 2 Specifications

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Team Fortress 2 Review

Class-based shooters have been taking over the world nowadays, with the advent and popularity of Overwatch. However, there was a predecessor in the genre that was around for over a decade, and was a major inspiration for Overwatch itself. That game is Team Fortress 2.

To install Team Fortress 2, you need to first have Steam installed. Once that's done, go to this link to install the game.

The main standout feature is the nine unique classes. Each of these classes fulfills a different role in a team and is balanced around each other. On top of that, each of these classes have their own unique mechanics as well. For example, the Soldier and the Demoman can send themselves flying around the map by blowing themselves up, which is an intended gameplay mechanic. If you master this skill, you will traverse the map much faster than any other class.

The customization system is also incredibly unique. Every weapon you unlock for each class has their own pros and cons, and can completely change the way you play that class. For example, you can completely forgo having a ranged weapon at all as the Demoman, opting instead to equip a sword and shield to charge into the enemy team and instantly kill some poor player. The Sniper can similarly forgo having a Sniper Rifle at all and instead wield a bow and arrow.

Overall, Team Fortress 2 is an incredibly solid game that holds up despite being over a decade old. It's one of the most well known FPS games out there for a reason.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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Team Fortress 2 Tutorials and Guides

Team Fortress 2 Tutorial

Team Fortress 2 Tutorial

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Team Fortress 2 Guide

Team Fortress 2 Guide

The basics of what each class's role is and what they can do.

Team Fortress 2 is a unique game and it's mostly due to its classes. But what does each class do? Take a look at this guide. The Classes: Each class is split into three different categories. Offense, Defense,

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