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Team Fortress 2 Guide

The basics of what each class's role is and what they can do.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Team Fortress 2. Please click the green button below.

Team Fortress 2 is a unique game and it's mostly due to its classes. But what does each class do? Take a look at this guide.

The Classes:

Each class is split into three different categories. Offense, Defense, and Support. Note that each class will be explained with their default weapons - each of them also has a ton of sidegrade weapons that will change their playstyle.


Scout - Has 125 health. Comes equipped with a scattergun, pistol, and baseball bat. 

This class has the fastest run speed, making him good for taking the objective or the intelligence. The game leans into that by having him count as two people while capturing objectives. He has low health, but has high burst damage with his scattergun.

Soldier - Has 200 health, comes equipped with a Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, and Shovel.

The most straightforward class in TF2 that is the most versatile and is good in all situations. Has the second slowest run speed, but makes up for it by being able to rocket jump, which is the signature skill of this class. It's done by jumping and shooting a rocket at your feet, propelling yourself around the map.

Pyro - Has 175 health, comes equipped with a Flamethrower, Shotgun, and Fire Axe.

This is a short ranged class that excels at ambushing and flanking. If you can close the distance with this class, you can take almost every other class in a fight. He can also airblast, which reflects projectiles and comes in very handy when dealing with soldiers or demomen. This class is also the best spy checker, as one tick of their fire will set any enemy pay on fire and reveal them.


Demoman - Has 175 health, comes with a Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher and a bottle.

This is the highest damage dealing explosive projectile class. The grenade launcher's unique trajectory lets him take out enemy encampments from a safe distance and his stickybomb launcher can set up traps in certain checkpoints and also "sticky jump", which is similar to the soldier's rocket jump. He also has an alternate playstyle called the demoknight, where he turns into a melee rush pick class.

Heavy - Has 300 hp, comes equipped with the Minigun, Shotgun, and his Fists.

The easiest class in the game. He is extremely tanky and has incredibly high DPS on all his weapons. However, he is also the slowest class and slows down even more while firing, making him easy pickings for enemy snipers and spies.

Engineer - Has 125 hp and comes equipped with a shotgun, pistol, wrench, and building PDAs.

This is the class you want regardless of what team you're on. He can create three different buildings, all of which are incredibly important. One of them is the sentry gun, an incredibly high damage dealing emplacement that can DPS down nearly everything. Another is the dispenser, which is vital to keeping his team's health and ammo up. And the last is the teleporter, which is vital in making sure his team can keep a push up. These buildings can be upgraded to be much more efficient.


Medic - Has 150 health, comes with Syringe gun, Medigun, and Bonesaw.

This is the class you will want on your team regardless of if you're on offense or defense. He's the one that keeps his team alive and can also overhlea his target. The most important ability is the Ubercharge, which makes one ally invincible and is absolutely vital for breaking stalemates and pushing into heavily fortified locations.

Sniper - Has 125 health and comes equipped with the Sniper Rifle, SMG, and Kukri.

Another straightforward class. His job is to pick off priority targets on the enemy team with headshots. However, them peering down a scope makes them vulnerable to spy backstab.

Spy - Has 125 health and comes equipped with the Revolver, Knife, Sapper, Disguise Kit, and Invisibility Watch.

The most difficult class in the game. His job is to infiltrate the enemy team with the disguise kit, disable enemy engineer buildings with his appear, and escape with his invisibility watch. The thing that makes him difficult is that he has to act like the enemy well to avoid suspicion as well as knowing which targets to go after.

And that's it! That's what you need to know to start playing each of these classes.

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