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Hood: Episode 3


"The best and highest quality entry in the series."

Hood: Episode 3 Specifications

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Hood: Episode 3 Review

Warning: You need to have a program capable of running an SWF file to play this game. You can click here to find one such program right here on our website.

There has been a recent trend in fiction where people take traditional fairy tales and add a dark twist on it. This is surprising because fairy tales are already pretty dark if you think about it. One of the more popular fairy tales to twist is Red Riding Hood just because it's one of the better-known ones, and it already has some very dark overtones from the wolf to the hunter. One of the many that remixes this classic fairy tale is the Hood series. Let's look at Hood: Episode 3.

To install Hood: Episode 3, simply run the file in whatever SWF player you have.

This entry has the best writing and puzzles. The cursor will now finally change appearances when you can pick up or interacting with an item, cutting down significantly on the pixel-hunting of the previous entries. The writing also cuts out some of the strangely out of place casual and humorous bits before. The puzzles have some clever misdirection that forces you to think harder on things or rely on your companion's sarcastic comments. There are also a ton of tiny little details that don't technically matter in the grand scheme, but helps build the world as a living, breathing world.

All in all, Hood: Episode 3 is the strongest in terms of narrative, puzzles, and artistic style. If you've played the last two entries, there is no reason not to give it a shot.


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