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How to Play Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

An easy guide to getting into Idle Champions.

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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is Great!
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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Please click the green button below.

Idle Champions is a more complicated idle game than most. Take a look at this guide and figure out how to get your feet on the ground!

1. The Basics

You have a few different paths of progression. The first thing to note is that each campaign has its own progression. The main way of progressing through Grand Tour of the Sword Coast is to gain Torms favor. The main way to pass through Tomb of Annihilation is to gain Kelemvor Favor. These two sources of favors can be used to purchase perks that apply throughout all of your adventures. Your main goal is to get those global blessings so they apply throughout just got your campaign. 

You also have a third source of progression - gems. Gems are randomly obtained after boss fights or purchased and can be used to purchase chests and unlock better gear for your champions, which is extremely important. Early on, I suggest you save up for Gold chests, as you'll unlock a lot higher rarity items and epic is much better than common or rare. Later on, when you're looking to just level up items you've already unlocked, you should just use silver chests because rarity matters a lot less.

Grand Tour of Sword Coast is the best campaign to progress in early on for a couple of reasons. One of them is Mad Wizard is extremely efficient in terms of time/gems, even after nerfs. After you get about 500,00 favor, this is the fastest gem grind in the game.

The second reason is that you will eventually unlock Drizzt. It will take a while, but any free character is worth it.

2. Progressing further

Once you've unlocked some global blessings for Torm, you should look towards other adventures. I personally prefer staying there until I've unlocked everything, though.

It should take a while, as new events are constantly unlocking. Whenever events to unlock new champions come up, take a break and do them while they're active. During the event, you'll be guaranteed to unlock those characters plus a couple of chests guaranteed to have their items. The new characters you unlock can substitute for another character that you have in the same slot.

For these events, there is a user on Reddit called Gaarawarr that constantly posts guides to each of these events. His guides are incredibly newbie-friendly, and you can usually find them pinned on top of the subreddit here.

Another thing to keep in mind is Time Gates. Since events are limited time only, if you miss a champion, you can unlock a Time Gate to get them and their event missions. To do this, simply play the game until you acquire 6 time gate pieces - you get them from bosses.

3. Which champions are the best?

While there are a wide variety of champions that work well together, there are, unfortunately, clear favorites that emerge. Here are a couple of champions to look out for, either in time gates or in events. 

  • Strix. A great DPS.
  • Evelyn. Great buffer and tank.
  • Barrowin. Great buffer, but swaps with Tyril who has a buff that helps with ultimate damage.
  • Catti-Brie. Great damage buffer for team with a fantastic ultimate.
  • Birdsong. Great buffer who can also DPS if you have great gear on her.
  • Krull. Fantastic debuffer, great gold find.
  • Zorbu. Excellent buffer and DPS and scales with kills.

If one of these characters show up in your time gate, don't hesitate to drop everything and go after them!

That's about it for this guide. You should get the general flow and gist of the game by now. Have fun in the Forgotten Realms!