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Infectonator World Dominator


"A massive expansion on the formula that lets you infect continents city by city."

Infectonator World Dominator Specifications

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Infectonator World Dominator Review

Warning: You need to have a program capable of running an SWF file to play this game. You can click here to find one such program right here on our website.

Flash games were the precursors to many parts of the gaming industry today. The creativity and willingness to experiment has translated over to the indie games industry, many design elements that are used in AAA games today were first observed in flash games, and the casual nature of many flash games has translated over to the mobile game industry. Infectonator World Dominator innovates on the formula even better by giving the player more control than ever before.

To install Infectonator World Dominator, simply run the file in whatever SWF player you have.

The core gameplay loop is still the same. It's still the addicting chain reaction loop where you infect citizens and watch as they steadily take over the map.

What this entry does differently is that you can choose the continent and city that you start the outbreak in. This starts off linear, but eventually opens up and lets you have actual choice. But why even bother having choice, you might ask. Well, special zombies this time around need you to successfully infect their human form in certain key cities. If you know what you're doing, you can specifically aim for these special zombies and start upgrading them to maximize their effectiveness.

It's worth noting that this entry is particularly CPU intensive so you'll actually need to turn your graphics down if it's getting choppy. All in all, though, Infectonator World Dominator proves that an incredibly strong core gameplay loop will take you very far.


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