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How to Play It's Always Monday

How to play It's Always Monday

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download It's Always Monday. Please click the green button below.

It’s Always Monday is an intriguing and different game but can also be incredibly frustrating when you have completed a couple of steps towards freedom but can’t work the last couple of steps out so here’s a guide to helping you escape the office and make your way to freedom, however if you do want to discover and explore the game for yourself please do play it before reading the guide as it will give more or less direct instructions on how to complete It’s Always Monday now here we will guide you through the steps to get you out of the office however there are a couple of different routes you can find if you want to discover some other parts for yourself.


The first and easiest thing to do to get fired is to go on the internet and click on Chatroulette where you will meet a friend, there is no right or wrong thing to say out of the options you have when replying to your friend as it will always end with her sending you files with a few naughty pictures (don’t worry they’re not graphic) and scroll through them, as you do this your boss will come up behind you and this will be the first of the steps you will need to take towards getting out of the office, however this can only be used once you can do the same thing again but it will not count towards the steps to freedom.

The steps don’t need to be done in order but the next one we will show you is to go and speak to Bob 2, as he always has good ideas, he is located in a cubicle at the top of the office and if you collect the food box from the kitchen and give it to him he will give you a key, this key can be used to leave through the fire escape which will enter in to a secret garden of sorts walk over the bridge to the bench and click the option to sit this will be another step towards freedom.

 On to the next step, the bosses secretary has lost her fish so if you go the right hand side of the room you can sit down and make an origami fish, take it to the secretary who is situated to the left of the bosses office, she will open her draw full of other origami fish drop it in there and that’s step number three completed.


Now the fourth and possibly the most fun step is you must go in the bosses office, he is located in the conference room so you will have free reign, you can also choose to mess the office up a bit if you’d like to, but if you open the drawers under the desk there will be a key that you can take to the cupboard on the wall, once you open it you will have access to the office security system. Take control of it and then remove the joystick, the boss will catch you and you then need to choose to knock him out by hitting him with the joystick and the screen will go blank which leads us on to the last step, when you reappear at your office desk the window should be open and the wind will be blowing papers around, head straight for the window and you’re on your way to freedom and heading to completing It’s Always Monday!  


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