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Last Man Standing


"A massive multiplayer game filled with AI and sneaky real players!"

Last Man Standing Specifications

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Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Last Man Standing Review

Last Man Standing is a simple looking low poly massive multiplayer game where you play oddly as a naked man who resembles something like a storefront mannequin, the objective of the game is as the title would suggest being the last man standing out of you and all the other weird-looking people, the game only has very basic controls, left mouse button to attack and right mouse button to crouch or duck from oncoming attacks. However, just because the controls are simple doesn't make it lacking depth. Use this Last Man Standing download to give it a shot quickly.

Although the game looks very simple the idea behind it should lead to a lot of fun without any flashy gimmicks especially if you can get a few friends in the same server however we had some issues with the servers and actually being able to find any games with other real people playing but you can host a game yourself that is populated with AI characters that you are able to attack or hide from. Our issues may have been to do with the time the game was played at and apparently most games are filled with AI but you might not realize there are some other real human players creeping around in the same session also trying to be the last player alive!

That's the main gimmick of the game, in fact. You are completely surrounded by AI in the beginning of every game, and you have to kill them all to be the last man standing. However, there are also other players littered throughout the map as well, and they look exactly the same as all the AI.

This makes the game play a lot like Assassin's Creed multiplayer, just much more low budget and clunkier. It becomes a game of finding the other players as you all do your best to blend into the crowds. It's legitimately nail-biting and makes you incredibly paranoid. You have to survive and be the last man standing, but the best way to do that is, paradoxically, is to not go around killing everyone. That would simply make you stand out and make you a bigger target.  If it sounds engaging, definitely give it a shot with this Last Man Standing download.

Other than that, though, the game plays pretty simply. The map is one note and easy to navigate, and the gameplay loop, while engaging, is also one note. You can play with other players over the internet, but you may run into issues trying to connect to each other. Here's quick guide in case you are having troubles:

If you're having issues connecting to other players, there usually two reasons for why it's happening: The Firewall, and the Router. All players need to make sure to create an exception in their firewall for the game to connect to each other properly. It won't work otherwise.

The game features NAT punchthrough, which should prevent the router from causing problems. If problems remain, then whoever's hosting needs to port forward to let the other players connect properly (the default is 7777). The problem is, each OS/router has a different method for port forwarding, and it may take a ton of research on the host's end to get the game working properly.

The online play, once you get it working, is actually fairly stable and very fun if played in a voice call with friends. If you want to experience some fun shenanigans with friends, this is a great choice. 

This game has a lot of potential if you can find matches that are heavily populated but there are a few issues that need to be tweaked such as the controls occasionally being unresponsive online and whatnot.

Be sure to use this Last Man Standing download to give the game a shot if any of this sounded fun.


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