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How to Play Madness Accelerant

Having trouble with the game? Take a close look at this guide to get you through it.

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Madness Accelerant is Great!
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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Madness Accelerant. Please click the green button below.

Flash games have always been surprisingly difficult to finish, with game design harkening back to some of the older style of NES games. Madness Accelerant is no different. This game really displays how powerful Hank in the animations were when he fought off dozens of guards - it's no easy task to replicate that in a game. 

Fear not, though. We're here to help you out.

1. Pick the mouse control scheme.

There are two control schemes in this game - the keyboard control scheme and the mouse control scheme. Unless you're on a laptop, it's pretty much always better to select the mouse control scheme. It gives you more freedom when aiming whereas the keyboard scheme make it so you will frequently miss the enemy while jumping and doing complex maneuvers due to its low aiming speed.

Do note that it's possible to beat it with both control schemes, but mouse aiming is far easier.

2. Game Mechanics to keep track of

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when playing through Madness Accelerant. One of the most important things to remember is the target priorities. The mooks that come in aren't meant to be actual threats. They're there just to provide you with new weapons to fire at Tricky with when your old weapon runs out of ammo. On top of that, it will only take one hit from either you or Tricky to get them to drop their weapon. Once their weapons are on the ground, you can pretty much just fire at Tricky and let them die ambiently from Tricky's attacks.

Tricky is how you progress in Madness Accelerant. Without damaging him, you won't progress at all. Each scene change only happens whenever you hit a certain damage threshold on Tricky.

Another important technique to remember is air stalling. When you fire a gun in midair, Hank will hover in place for as long as you keep the trigger held. This can come in handy of baiting and dodging Tricky's various attacks while also getting back to the ground as fast as possible.

3. How to approach the game.

Each scene will play out roughly the same. First, if Tricky is there, expend all your ammo on him. You can always just punch a goon who comes by for his weapon or just wait for Tricky to turn him into collateral if you need more guns to shoot with. Make sure you keep an eye on Tricky this whole time and pay attention to his attack patterns - some of his attacks barely have any windup and you have to pay close attention.

Whenever you scene change, you need to immediately do a couple of things. One - identify your threats. Or, in other words, if Tricky is on the screen or not. If not, and it's just a mook scene, then go ahead and just use your guns on the minions to get out of there quickly.

If Tricky is there, then you need to quickly identify where he's attacking from. Sometimes, you have to wait for him to open up a path to attack him. You'll also need to get a hold of his new attack patterns, because every scene has a unique pattern. Sometimes, you need to grab a pipe on the ceiling to avoid his attacks, and sometimes you need to time your jumps to avoid his attacks. Occasionally, you'll be fighting something other than mooks and Tricky, but this still applies.

And that's it! That's pretty much all you need to know to beat Madness Accelerant. If you beat the normal difficulty mode and want more, you can now try the more difficult mode.

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