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Figure out the basics to playing Mobius right here!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY. Please click the green button below.

1. Basic Game Flow

The game flow is actually pretty straightforward. Simply tap on a location, and there will either be a battle or an event (sometimes both). Each battle will take away some of your stamina. Outside of battle, you'll need to manage your resources. You'll be able to allocate your various skillseeds to your various classes to get stronger.

Speaking of skill seeds, they are there to help you accelerate your progression. You can allocate them on the various job boards to give yourself more stats and occasionally, new weapons.

You can also change your various card decks, which is incredibly important as each class plays differently enough that they'll need their own personal decks for optimal gameplay.

2. Grinding Tips

First off, don't grind unless you need to - some of the best grinding spots are near the endgame, and grinding before then is less efficient. Only get as strong as you need to. With that in mind...

If you were grinding for skill seeds, then you'll have to pay attention to each of your cards in the deck. Each gives a different amount of skill seeds. You can see how many each card gives when you open their status screen.

As you can see, this card gives six wind skill seeds and two fire seeds. So if you're trying to grind for earth or water seeds, you shouldn't use the Fenrir card. As you upgrade it, it'll similarly give more skill seeds. There are typically some cards for each type that will do nothing but give raw seeds of one kind, so if you're strong enough, you should load up on them and hold only one attack card to clear the level for maximum skill seed per stamina.

That's a concept you should get used to when you're grinding - per stamina. XP per stamina, gold per stamina, and seeds per stamina are all things you should be very aware of. Every level has a different ratio (except for seeds) and some are blatantly better than others. Some of the best spots in the endgame eat up a ton of stamina while also giving a massive yield, making it more time efficient as well.

3. Multiplayer Tips

Multiplayer raids are where you can get some special cards that you can't get anywhere else in the game. However, the mechanics for a raid works differently. Before you start, make sure your damage card ability is level 8+ and has unlocked all its extra skills. You'll more than likely be a detriment to the team without them.

Every job has a different role - they are HealerBreakerAttacker, and Defender. Each of these correspond to some roles, obviously, but you also need to specialize your deck. Unlike in single player, where you have to worry about dealing damage and breaking the opponent, you'll be able to compeltely focus on one role. 

Healers are almost required to bring cards that bestow Faith, Barrier, and Haste to the team, as well as the obvious healing cards. However, it's generally noted that the more buff cards, the better. Breakers need to bring cards that break the boss as fast as possible - don't worry about damage skills, as that is the role of the Attacker. Enspell cards are incredibly important to you, as they will help you break faster. Attackers need to simply bring damage and orb management - don't worry about breaking or self buffing. And lastly, Defenders need to bring taunt cards and debuffs. More importantly, you need to go last in the team order and you should also attack at least once, as you are the main orb generator for your team.

If you bring the right deck and strategy for each role, you won't need to worry about being a detriment.