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Paint the town red


"A bloody beat ´em up!"

Paint the town red Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (23.99 MB)
Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
23.99 MB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Rocky Bytes Score
Paint the town red is Acceptable
Software Ranking
49th out of 528

Paint the town red Review

Paint the Town Red is a game for a bad mood day, you are stuck in a bar, the full story is not explained but you receive a text message to state your cover has been blown and that the other patrons of the bar are on to you.

A group of angry men in t shirts and waistcoats who bear something of a resemblance to Lego men but taller and uglier come towards you, you must do your best to fend them off by fighting and blocking them, picking up weapons and hitting them with them.

Paint the Town Red free download is fun for a little while especially if you want to vent some anger, so if you have had a bad day at work school this may be fun for a little while, but there is no real depth to the game other than fighting and running, punching and blocking.

Paint the town red

It can also be difficult as you fight with the mouse buttons but move with the arrow keys and pick up and throw objects with the E and F keys so your hands have to be moving all over the keyboard and when you have 7 burly men coming towards you all looking for blood it´s very hard to do everything you need to fast enough to survive.

There is some satisfaction in smashing a man over the head with a pool cue but then it is all really smash and repeat, smash and repeat.

You can try running instead and make for the stairs only to be greeted by more angry looking overgrown Lego men.

They swarm around you and when you think you are winning by punching the man in front of you, you notice your life bar going down as there is 3 men behind you not ashamed to punch you in the back of the head, not very gentlemanly like.

Whatever happened to Queensbury rules?

Playing Paint the Town can become frustrating as it seems almost impossible to make any progress but if you are looking for something that is just a quick fix of mindless violence then you probably could do worse than Paint the town red.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

Paint the town red Tutorials and Guides

How to Play Paint the town red

How to Play Paint the town red

A how to play guide to help you survive in Paint the Town Red

Paint the Town red is an unforgiving game, it can be very difficult and very frustrating but it is also a lot of fun and has lots of blood, so if you are one of the many people who really wants to play this game but ...

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