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Pillar of Autumn - Insane Challenge Specifications

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Pillar of Autumn - Insane Challenge Review

Halo revolutionized shooters back in the early 2000s. Even to this day, shooters are all designed on the foundation that Halo set down. A dedicated grenade and melee button, regenerating health, and two weapon limits. However, the game still persists to this day because of how moddable it is. Pillar of Autumn - Insane Challenge takes full advantage of how moddable it is by rebalancing the first level to be chaotically difficult.

To install Pillar of Autumn - Insane Challenge, make sure you have Halo Custom Edition installed. Then, simply unzip the mod files into the game folder.

This mod completely messes with the balance of the map in the most glorious way. It will happily drop 4 hunters in a tiny room for you to deal with and send special operations grunts armed with fuel rod grunts. You really get the sense that they're trying to stop the Master Chief from leaving. However, the marines have similarly leveled up. 

The marines are now all armed with power weapons such as shotguns and snipers, and there are a whole lot more marines as well. Does that mean they're useful? Well, on higher difficulties, no. The marines will get absolutely mowed down by the increased Covenant forces. Most importantly, when they die, that means that those power weapons are yours, and by god, those weapons even the playing field significantly.

Overall, Pillar of Autumn - Insane Challenge definitely lives up to its name as to how insane of a challenge it is, but the power weapon availability makes it less frustrating and more engaging.

Warning: You need 7zip to be able to access this file. Make sure to pick it up from our website right here by clicking on this link.


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