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How to Play Siren Head

A short guide on how to escape Siren Head.

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Siren Head is Good!
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11th out of 258

In order to follow this guide you will need to download Siren Head. Please click the green button below.

The Siren Head game has a couple of different endings, all of which you can hit in under 20 minutes. Here is a quick guide on all of them.

Basic Controls:

The basic controls are simple. WASD to move around, Right Mouse click to examine items, and Shift to run.

Ending 1: Escape

This is the normal ending. You have to move forward until you hit a dead-end, and at the end there will be a corpse that's torn apart. You need to examine the main pile of meat until your character says "I have to get back to the truck. NOW.".

A Siren Head will spawn right in front of you, and you'll need to avoid him and run back to the truck as fast as you can. Do note that until he starts moving, he will not kill you - this is likely a bug.

Ending 2: Death

If Siren Head catches you at any point, he will pick you up and tear you apart. This is considered the "bad ending" of the game.

Ending 3: Secret Death Ending

If you make it back to your truck but Siren Head is close by, he will catch you as you're driving away and kill you.

And that's it for this short little guide. We hope it helped you out!

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