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How to Play Slime Rancher

An easy, beginner's guide to Slime Rancher.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Slime Rancher. Please click the green button below.

Slime Rancher is one of the most relaxing games that you can play out there. Raising slimes is a lot more zen than it is to slay hordes of demons/ However, it can be a little confusing playing this game, especially starting out. Hopefully, this guide will help you by starting off.

1. Starting off with your first slime

When you first start the game off, you'll spawn in front of your ranch. You'll notice that there are 8 plots to work with. To get off to an expedient start, you'll want to invest in a couple of corrals and gardens.

However, to get started on affording those luxuries, you'll need to start collecting Plorts. Plorts are technically excrements of Slimes, and it's also the main currency of this game. If you can't find any Plorts, try to give the nearby pink slimes some food so they'll er...create some Plorts.

Once you've filled up on Plorts, you'll need to cash them in at the Plort Market. Use the money you get there to buy a few Corrals.

2. Collect slimes

Now that you have Corrals, you can start collecting some slimes. You'll want to aim for Pink slimes and Rock slimes.

Pink Slimes are easy to raise because they eat pretty much everything. We chose Rock Slimes because they have a very accommodating diet and their Plorts yield high economic returns. The only sticking point with them is that their spiky exteriors can damage you.

Toss them into the Corrals. It's very important for the future that you don't mix more than two types of slimes in one corral. They will eventually spawn abominations called the Tarr, and they do nothing but eat Plorts and other slimes to reproduce.

You'll need to feed your slimes to get going. Thankfully, you can just focus on the Rock Slimes because the Pink Slimes will eat anything. You'll n eed to find vegetables for the Rock Slimes - one of their favorite foods are the Heart Beets. Collect any Plorts they leave behind to earn more money.

3. Farming and Upgrading

You don't want to constantly go out to collect food, so you should start farming back at home. You should start a 2-3 vegetable crop to feed your rock and pink slimes. While you're waiting for the food to grow, you're free to focus on other things such as upgrading the walls of your current Corrals to increase the capacity of the slimes.

Now that you're self sufficient, you can start streamlining the farming process. You can purchase an auto feeder and a Plort collector for your Corrals, so you can skip doing the most tedious task of all. It's great because Rock Slimes hurt you if you touch them, so just having a Plort Collector will make it healthier for you overall.

If you're having issues keeping up with your Slime's food requirements, then you can also upgrade your garden plots.

4. Setup finished

Now, your ranch is set up and you are free to proceed however you like! You now have the breathing room to explore the game properly and make your own decisions. However, you'll find that you typically will end up either exploring the world or expanding your ranch.

If you want to start unlocking new territories, you'll need to find Gordo Slimes. These are obese slimes that require you to feed them 25 food items before they give you a slime key that lets you open new territories.

Good luck! We hope that this helps you enjoy the game a lot more than before. This is a fantastic game, and will give you endless hours of entertainment.