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How to Play Teamfight Tactics

Confused on how to play TeamfightTactics? Take a look at this guide!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Teamfight Tactics. Please click the green button below.

Please note: This guide will only go over the basic strategies - this might change from patch to patch as the game is still constantly changing.

There are a few concepts that newcomers must be aware of that will let their Teamfight Tactics game start improving.

1) Interest gold. 

One of the most important things that new players don't understand is how the economy works. For every 10 gold you hold and don't spend, you'll get one extra interest gold every round. You can stack the interest up to a maximum of 5 interest. 

That means that if you spend money past an interest floor (10, 20, 30, 40, 50), you're losing one gold. Thus, unless you're low health and desperate, and the unit on the bench may potentially stop your bleeding, then it's highly recommended you stay above the interest floor. If there's an important core unit in your shop and buying it would bring you below the interest floor, then it's preferable that you lock the shop in...unless you're on a winstreak and you want to keep it.

2) Winstreak/Losestreak

After you win or lose two games in a row, you will be rewarded one extra gold per round until the streak breaks. After you win or lose five games in a row, you will be rewarded two gold per round. If you lose seven rounds or higher, you will be rewarded three gold per round. If you win eight rounds or higher, you will be rewarded three gold per round.

This concept determines your early game strategy. A winstreak is highly preferable, as the act of winning itself will give you one extra gold as well. This lets you spend your money much more aggressively than other players, and it's actually encouraged for you to do so as a winstreak is as profitable if not more than interest gold. However, this doesn't mean that you should reroll like a gambler to try to keep your winstreak  - that would completely tank your economy and set you far behind.

3) When to reroll

New players reroll far too often. Keep in mind that rerolling twice equates to a whole exp buy that you skipped out on. If you completely failed to get the champion you needed, then you just set yourself back in the early game. There are a few strategies out there that involve you hyper rolling until you lose all your money, but it's considered an incredibly high risk/reward strategy. Remember, having a strong economy is by far the most consistent strategy for placing high. 

Therefore, the best time to reroll in general is to wait until you've hit 5 interest, or if you're on the cusp of losing and need a boost of power to save the game.

4) Compositions

The best compositions change from patch to patch, and I recommend you visit a specialized site that keeps track of the effectiveness of each comp. My personal favorite is https://tftactics.gg/, which comes with item recommendations and position examples. As of the time of writing right now, Demon is incredibly powerful and Guardians are also slotted into almost every composition.

However, early game, you shouldn't force a composition. Instead, you should field whatever two-star units you have, regardless of the lack of synergies. That's because a two-star unit is significantly more powerful than a one-star unit early game, with several hundred HP and dozens of AD over their weaker counterparts. Also keep in mind that there are certain units that carry incredibly hard early game - the best as of the time of writing is Ahri. A two-star Ahri with a couple of items on her will carry you for almost ten rounds.

And that's the main points to go over for Teamfight Tactics! If you keep these points in mind, there's no doubt that you will climb out of whatever rank you are.

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