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The Midnight Train to Nowhere


"A great looking adventure game with a very cool soundtrack."

The Midnight Train to Nowhere Specifications

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377.42 MB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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The Midnight Train to Nowhere is Acceptable
Software Ranking
78th out of 839

The Midnight Train to Nowhere Review

The Midnight Train to Nowhere is a cartoon exploration and character driven game which shows so much promise and is very interesting but also is flawed in many areas and sadly the flaws take away from what is a great looking game with a really suave soundtrack, those are two very positive things but on the other side of the coin there is some really distracting issues which lessen the overall experience of what could have been a wonderful game.

The first major negative is the point and click mechanism can be incredibly hard to use for example if you would like to go through a door way you can’t just click on that door but you have to find a specific part of that door to click on which can really slow down the game as you try clicking in all different places to try and get through that door, the same goes for trying to have a conversation with people unless you click on the right place (weirdly somewhere near their shoes seems to work) however when you come in to contact for example with someone like the barman who you can only see the upper half of his body until you realize to click on the counter in front of him around where his shoes might be behind then you can be stuck for a time longer than trying to get served in a real bar on a busy Friday night before the virtual barman will acknowledge you.

Ok so that’s kind of a gripe we have The Midnight Train to Nowhere but the other thing that seemed to make no sense is when you first board the train it’s all a bit of a mystery, as the story starts you’ve missed the last train then this enticing and unknown train to nowhere arrives and yet when you board it you seem to know most of the people on the train including the conductor and your ex-girlfriend and yet no explanation is given as to why they are there.

It’s a great looking game and a wonderful idea yet its execution really takes away from what could have been such an exciting and mysterious game.

You can download The Midnight Train to Nowhere here for free.


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