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There's Poop In My Soup


"Poop on people and things to earn points."

There's Poop In My Soup Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (15.69 MB)
Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
15.69 MB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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There's Poop In My Soup is Good!
Software Ranking
172nd out of 520

There's Poop In My Soup Review

The title of this game pretty much tells you all you need to know There’s poop in my soup is a game where you try to poop in to someone’s soup and well not just that you can also aim for their heads, babies in prams, people driving in cars with their heads sticking slightly out of the sunroof, you know a normal way to pass a sunny afternoon!

Once you get over the initial disgusting premise of There’s poop in my soup it is pretty good fun and quite funny especially when you get a good shot and see a person running around in desperation whilst looking for a place to wash the poop off and they run and hit a tree and fall over. 

Using W,A,S,D you line up your poop shot with your target and then hit space to poop but remember that most targets are moving so take in to account the time delay, poop too early and it will fall in front of them too late and they will walk past the flying poop without even noticing, and that's the last thing that you want, you want to poop on their heads and faces right? maybe in to a babies pram or two perhaps even through someone's sunroof! of course you do.

Whilst the premise here is exactly the same as the game muddy heights with provides you with a few more options as in that game you can use money earned by pooping to buy different foods to give your poop different textures and weights helping to hit more people with it, but the advantage There's Poop in my Soup has is the 3D graphics look really cool and well done and at the same time taking you further out of reality which makes the whole game feel a little less disgusting than it should, because let's face it, it's a disgusting idea but it's also a lot of fun to play, actually thinking about it the 3D graphics are some what reminiscent Charlie Brown and who wouldn't want to poop all over people in the world of Charlie Brown (joking of course).

You can get points by hitting targets and you are also given objectives to poop on top of your “to poo” list and by doing this you will get more points and maybe the opportunity to use a poop bomb!

It’s a pretty fun game overall and the cartoony graphics don’t make it as gross as the title may make it sound it is doubtful you would spend hours playing it but as a coffee break game it is a lot of fun, although not so sure about playing it on your lunch break it might put you off!

Why not invite a few friends round to watch you poop on a Saturday afternoon maybe they can try it too and you can all try to be the best at pooping, perhaps you could get a chocolate bar for the winner...actually in seconds thoughts perhaps not.

You can download There’s poop in my soup here for free.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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How to Install There's Poop In My Soup

How to install There's Poop in my soup.

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How to Play There's Poop In My Soup

How to Play There's Poop In My Soup

How to play There's Poop in my Soup.

How to play There’s Poop in my Soup It’s always fun ruining someone’s dinner plans by pooping in their soup or perhaps giving them a dollop of brown ice cream and it’s not chocolate ...

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