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Therian Saga Online Guide

Here's how to get started in Therian Saga!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Therian Saga Online. Please click the green button below.

Therian Saga is one of the more complicated games out there. It's so hard to start in this game that a ton of potential players quit because it's so hard to understand. Hopefully, this guide can help you get started.

1. The Trades

The main progression of this game is in the trades. There are six basic trades plus two advanced trades, and each trades plus two advanced ones, and each trade has three jobs. You can get all of the basic trades but you don't need to get all three of the jobs. However, to get a specific job, you need to have at least one trade of the job. For example, to get Extraction (a job), you need to learn Stone (a trade). However, once you have Stone, you don't need to train in the other two jobs in that trade. To discover where you can train your trades, you can open the Character screen then hover your mouse over the skill.

Here are the jobs and trades.

Metal: Foundry, Blacksmith, Prospection. This trade is based on making weapons, tools, and armor.

Stone: Extracting, Stonecutting, Masonry. This trade is based on harvesting Stones to turn them into Weapons, Tools, Structures or Ornaments.

Fauna: Hunting, Taming, Breeding. This is the most useful trade. You need this trade to be able to complete dungeons and quests before building your first Inn. It's based on working with animals.

Flora: Botany, Herbalism, Horticulture. This skill is based on working with nature and plants. You harvest plants and turn them into potions which give skill bonuses. You also discover recipes to make better potions since the strength changes depending on the ingredients.

Wood: Woodcutting, Woodworking, Carpentry. This skill is based on cutting trees and then turning them into Planks, then into Structures, Weapons, and Shields.

Fashioning: Sewing, Tanning, Jewelry. This skill is based on making Clothes, Jewels, and Armors. You can combine this with other

2. What to do after finishing the tutorial.

There are a couple of things you should do. The first is to do quests. Some give loot, some give money, but all are important. The best way to start is by doing the Mave's quest in Hawkoria, then do the quest My Apprentice in Teasan Village, then do the final quests in Hawkoria to get Lanfar.

You should also talk to NPCs and purchase the resources you need. You can also sell them things you don't need, but each NPC will accept different items for sale.

These NPCs can sell you clothes. Each item of clothing gives a bonus in Terrain stats and some are better than others. They can also give a different quality and different bonuses, depending on the Fabric used for crafting them.

You need to train your leadership as well. You need leadership to hire companions and the best way to get it is: a Tabard, a Vest, and the Rusilac Pendant from the tutorial. You can also hire a page at Hawkoria who gives a bonus of 10 to leadership.

You should also buy Jewels, as they also give bonuses. The bonuses they give depends on the carat of it, which you can change depending on the quality of the materials you use.

Potions are also like jewels but they are temporary, and each potion has a certain level of toxicity. You can't exceed 100 Toxicity.

You can also buy Concessions in Hawkoria, which you can use to then make some buildings. You can expand the terrain to build more buildings. 

Consumables are the most important items in the game, as you need them to make crafts. Pay attention to who crafts each type so you will know who can sell that type of consumable.

And those are the basics of the game! We hope this helped.