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"Get one of the most popular Linux operating systems when you download Ubuntu."

Ubuntu Specifications

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Ubuntu Review

Ubuntu is the world's most popular Linux based operating system. It serves as the best free alternative to both Microsoft's Windows platform and Apple's Mac OS platform. And it's no slouch. Ubuntu has a large community of supporters that could, at any point, give the big two - Apple and Microsoft - a run for their money. Each version of Ubuntu brings several improvements to the operating system which had undergone a massive design change and in the 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) version. The latest version of the free operating system, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, brings more optimizations and improvements to an already polished product.

Some of the most notable features of Ubuntu 14.04 include:

Ubuntu's application Menu Options
For the first time since Ubuntu introduced the Unity system, users now have the power to choose where the menus appear on the screen. You can choose between the menu appearing at the top of the screen or in the window.

Window Minimizing Changes
This may seem a bit trivial, but I'm sure many Ubuntu users would agree with me when I say that minimizing a window in Unity has not been a pleasant experience. You can now minimize any window by clicking on it's icon in the launcher.

Lockscreen Integration
The lockscreen is now integrates well with Unity so that you get a nice smooth transition to and from the lockscreen. The animation is beautiful. Wanna see it over and over? Click Super+L to make it happen.

Ubuntu's new wallpapers
This last one isn't exactly a new feature, but rather a tip of the hat to whoever created these beautiful wallpapers for Ubuntu 14.04. They are visually stunning. If you have a high resolution display that can take advantage of 2k, you will be very satisfied.

Here is: Ubuntu 14.04 32 bits


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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