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Virtual DJ

2018 b4918

"Become a DJ thanks to this music mixer with a big number of interesting functions."

Virtual DJ Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (37.36 MB)
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37.36 MB
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Virtual DJ Review

If you like mixing music, you will sure love Virtual DJ. This program simulates a complete mixing desk thanks to this piece of software, which will allow you to be able to easily mix your tracks and with a great variety of options. Moreover, with the BeatLock system, Virtual DJ is capable of synchronising the bass sounds of different tracks, saving us a lot of work and making the final quality of the mix better. Without much effort at all, you can become a professional DJ with this simple piece of software with absolutely no training whatsoever. Give it a try here with Virtual DJ free download.

This is one of the best tools for beginners. It automates a ton of the setup and grunt work of being a DJ, which will let you focus more on mixing and creating DJ sets that all sound amazing. However, the biggest part of why it's so popular is that it is completely free for non-professional use. If you're just starting up, then this is the perfect software for you to use to practice your skills.

While this is less well regarded than some other premium virtual DJ software, there are a ton of reasons that it stays a popular choice. Its most powerful tools are its compatibility with a ton of different controllers, its elite capabilities, and its absolutely fantastic video mixing features. Give it a try easily with this Virtual DJ download for free.

Before you use any DJ software, you need to research and see if it's even compatible with your DJ controller and other pieces of equipment. Thankfully, apart from some rare pieces of equipment that have proprietary formats, it is practically compatible with all DJ controllers on the market today. A few examples of ones that it works with are the Quark SCVMS2, VMS4.1, VMS5, MC3000, G2V, and more. If that appeals, then you should download Virtual DJ for PC.

Apart from this, Virtual DJ download shows the structure of a song during the mixing, this way avoiding the rhythm from changing and destroying the final result of the mix. Virtual DJ also includes various interfaces which can and will satisfy any user who wants to use the program: from novice users to advanced users. It also lets recording our songs directly on a CD or transmit them through the Internet, use headphones for listening to the final result or even to an external mixing desk. Whether you are a mobile or club DJ, this program will do everything you need it to do to produce a professional quality set for you and your fans. Try it out and download Virtual DJ for PC.

One of the most interesting features of Virtual DJ is creating our own high definition video clips for transmitting them on a big screen, so this way we may become a Video DJ too and accompany our music with video creations. This can make your DJ set a lot more professional looking, and also entertain your listeners and fans while you are mixing on the floor. Turn any song into a music video with a few simple steps and entertain your audience. Give it a shot with this Virtual DJ download.

For all these features it’s one of the most widely used tools in the amateur world for mixing songs or simply make a great party more professional than simply using a standard music player. Its compatibility with external mixing desks makes it a very versatile program for all those who want to start in the world of DJs and Video DJs, and later change to using something more professional and complete. Again, just to repeat, Virtual DJ in this home version is absolutely free for home users and non-commercial use. In other words, you cannot use this application to make some sort of profit without buying the commercial version, but it is still fantastic for beginners who want to simply learn. Try it out with our Virtual DJ download for free.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to this program. Since it is a mostly free piece of software, there are no DJ controllers specifically designed to be used with it. In other words, once you get past the learning curve and really start trying to learn and continue improving, you'll find that the features that carried you through the beginner phase are actually starting to hold you back. That's when you should start looking at other DJ software.

Most DJ software out there works best with hardware that were specifically designed for the software. Having software and hardware working in tandeom truly elevates the quality of the track. You'll find that practically all the best DJ tracks were used with this kind of software and hardware. Even though this program is compatible with a borderline groundbreaking amount of controllers, the fact that it doesn't have native hardware holds it back. It's forced into being a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Virtual DJ first appeared back in 2003 and is the successor of AtomixMP3, which was released for the first time in September of 2000. Virtual DJ has a long history of providing its users with a professional virtual desk to help entertain their guests for any parties or clubbing they may do. You can go ahead and use this Virtual DJ free download for your own personal, non profit use. If you plan to go professional and use this software, please consider buying the commercial version of the software to support the developers.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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Virtual DJ in Other Languages

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