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900 Deep in the Dead


"Experience a set of creative maps all created with certain restrictions in mind."

900 Deep in the Dead Specifications

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900 Deep in the Dead Review

In the DOOM map making community, there are a ton of different challenges that people propose to each other. There's one particular challenge where you create a map with 100 lines or less - lines being walls in the DOOM map creator. One particular well known Doomworld forum superstar, Jayextee, created a ton of these and decided to just run with them as a full episode, and came out with 900 Deep in the Dead as a result.

To install 900 Deep in the Dead, you need to have ZDoom and move the WAD file into the GZDoom folder, which is pretty par for the course for DOOM maps.

As soon as one boots it up, the more technical players will notice that there are a number of techniques used to work within 100 lines and still present a good map. For instance, there is copious use of abstract geometrydouble-sided linedefs separated by height to reuse walls, and other bits of level geometry for monster closets.

It players very fast and some of the levels are really fun. Since it uses a tiny amount of walls, none of these maps are particularly large and no individual one would last longer than 15 minutes. These levels also all have their own gimmick - most of them are modeled after a certain shape and the encounters are very interesting.

Overall, if you want to see what an expert mapper can do with limited resources you should give 900 Deep in the Dead a download. It's very interesting, to say the least.


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