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"An advanced ad-blocker that blocks just about any kind of pop-up or ad that you will encounter on the Internet."

AdFender Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (2.61 MB)
Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
2.61 MB
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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It Rocks!
Software Ranking
3rd out of 9

AdFender Review

When we want to surf the Internet, most of the website we'll go to will have ads on the webpages, annoying pop ups, video ads that start without warning, and a bunch of other annoying ad related intrusions that just get in the way of enjoying your time on the Internet. If you would like to make sure that all of your browsers do not get bombarded with Internet ads while you leisurely go to all of your favorite websites, AdFender will defend you from all of these intrusions and annoyances. 

These ads can slow down your Internet connection and slow down your computer even if you do not want them to. It isn't your choice to go to the website and have to deal with these annoyances, so why deal with them if you don't have to? AdFender will block all of these annoyances so you can actually enjoy your Internet surfing without any interruptions from rude Internet pop ups, banner ads, and video ads. 

With an extensive list of ad related providers, these are all blocked automatically on all of the browsers that you use with no additional plugins required. Not just that, but AdFender even blocks malware domains so you can make sure that you do not go to malicious websites while you surf the web. Your privacy and security is protected when using AdFender, and that's just the plus since its main purpose is to be a good ad blocker

Surf safe, speed up your web browsing, and don't get slowed down and annoyed while going to all of your favorite websites by making sure you have AdFender to defend you from all of these different types of risks and annoyances and surf the Internet without a worry. 

AdFender Awards

Recommended Software

Award Received: 2015-02-25 06:46:30


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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At the time of downloading AdFender you accept the terms of use and privacy policy stated by Parsec Media S.L. The download will be handled by a 3rd party download manager that provides an easier and safer download and installation of AdFender. Additionally, the download manager offers the optional installation of several safe and trusted 3rd party applications and browser plugins which you may choose to install or not during the download process.